About Us
Milteks operates under Aceka Holding and is a globally operating company adhering to global standards.

We Are Milteks

Sustainably Crafted

Globally Trusted

Aceka Holding’s subsidiary, Milteks Tekstile, is a leading and well-established textile and garment production organization with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The production facilities, which began in Turkey, have expanded to include Georgia and Egypt.

The quality of production meets the standards of global brands that collaborate with professionals worldwide, leading to an increased demand for Milteks Tekstile’s products. This demand has been met by an expansion of Milteks Tekstile’s capacity.

Today, Milteks Tekstile operates as a textile “factor” with a production capacity of 300,000 pieces of polyester clothing per day.

Digital Textile

Aiming zero defects in production with full automation, digital workflow, and monitoring, we advance confidently and swiftly towards our goal of utilizing all available technological capabilities of our era under the umbrella of our business network.

Responsible, Responsive, Resilient

In the midst of the pandemic, we opened our fourth garment factory in Georgia with 1200 employees.

In 2023, despite the tragic Kahramanmaraş Earthquake, our Marsan fabric production complex continued its operations, being the only facility in the region to do so. Regardless of the magnitude of the disaster, we supported the region by maintaining our production capacity and order volume.

Following the end of the pandemic, we added two more production complexes in Egypt to our supply chain.

Dam Gates at Our Command

Milteks Textile, recognized internationally for its financial stability, leverages the strength of its equity capital and over 40 years of experience to continue operations.

Today, it stands as an organization of maximum reputation and credibility, acknowledged by leading financial institutions in the countries where it has established its production complexes. Actively exporting to all six continents, Milteks Textile demonstrates a global presence backed by a legacy of expertise and trust.

We are changing the future of the world.

Green Chemical Engineering

Our fabric production complex, Marsan, certified with international Green Accreditations, respecting Green Chemical Engineering. Here, our Environmental Engineers specializing in Natural Resource Management conduct sustainable production processes with optimal efficiency towards nature, preserving the world we belong to.

Solar Energy Utilization

Marsan, a forward-thinking fabric production complex, confidently strides towards a sustainable future. Meeting 35% of its energy needs with solar panels and producing threads from pre-consumed textile, Marsan significantly reduces the global demand for new plastic production in the textile industry. This innovative approach results in the production of 300,000 polyester apparel products per day, marking a substantial contribution to environmental preservation.